We are Q-Fi Solutions, a leading provider of Market Research software tools founded by research professionals who have implemented millions of surveys. We offer the most robust survey platform to create and deploy more engaging and highly customized online surveys.

What makes Q-Fi Surveys special?
See what Q-Fi can do for your business.

Full Support of Entire Survey Cycle

Intuitive User Interface

Standard and classic Editor allows technical and non-technical users to build advanced surveys with ease

Advanced question type

Quickly add advanced question types and consolidate qualitative and quantitative approaches

Customize Look & Feel

Easily customize any visual setting for your survey Create a completely mobile experience for the respondent and test your surveys on mobile with Mobile Emulator

Advanced features

Advanced routing & piping capabilities

Dynamic quota management

Email triggers

Survey simulator

Survey Results & Reporting

Geolocation, device report, quotas, frequencies

Create and share presentation-ready reports.

Launch Pad

Email and website deployment

Generate QR codes

Open/restricted projects

Q-Fi can handle virtually any survey requirements

Unsurpassed platform for studies that are very visual with a lot of interactive parts

Out-of-the-box exclusive question types such as video open-ends, concept testing & heat maps and virtual shopping carts

Unlimited expansion using standard open source languages

Innovative Data Driven Tools

Video-analyzer is a new way of getting emotional feedback from respondents. This modern feedback tool introduces interactive feedback buttons that respondents can use to give feedback about the video being viewed.

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